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“Platforms like this are a great way of getting yourself out there to the mass public. I am encouraging some of my artists to look at it because it’s a showcase for you on a fairly high-end portal”

Judd Lander MPA, CEO of Lander PR (UK agency)

All About The Music TV was launched during lockdown when people were hungry for music – with no open mic nights or gigs. With live music now making a comeback, rather than seeing a drop-off in interest we are seeing engagement rise even further; receiving even more enquiries from bands and artists wanting to be involved and those who do get airplay are driving their fans to the programmes. One of our strengths is this mutually beneficial synthesis of publicity.

Music makers and music lovers will never again take live music for granted and music is now enjoyed via multiple platforms.

Artists are aware now that they have to have outlets other than live music – and showcases such as ours are providing many with their first ever TV appearances. This feel-good factor offers us as a channel multiple social media platform exposure. Bands and artists want their fans to see them on National TV!


“The best one stop music programme ever!”

Chris Kimsey, Music Producer, Undercover-Music

All About The Music TV is home to three hours of back to back original music programming every week (six hours with repeats) including:

Tom Seals Presents

Music celebrity chat show with talented singer and pianist, Tom Seals, who interviews guests as well as performing their favourite songs with his band.

Live From The Edge

Mark Radcliffe presents this live studio music show featuring interviews and performances with both established and new bands.

LWTV: Backstage Pass

An access all areas insight into the highs and lows of being an up-and-coming young band on the brink of international success. 

Meet The Producers

Following the life and trials of music producers. (With big industry names such as Chris Kimsey, Judd Lander and Peter-John Vettese). 


Think MTV crossed with Top of The Pops for unsigned and emerging artists. A unique new platform offering people the chance to have their music video played on TV.

We currently charge bands £99 for the eight airplays their music video gets per month if submission successful. Once this show is sponsored, we can stop charging and explore the potential for extended hours, top band awards, audience voting etc to create a bigger buzz and YOUR brand could be a part of this. Please contact us to discuss possibilities.

(New shows are in planning for the second series).

“Any new music programming on TV at the moment is welcome but these guys are fantastic because they are giving extra support to indie artists. It is so rare that indie artists like me get the chance to be on National TV it is an amazing opportunity.”

Gribbles - A FabSong Artist

Facts and Figures

All About The Music TV reaches music lovers and music makers, therefore allowing you to connect your brand with a relevant audience: consumers who love music.

We launched in April 2021

We are using the Showcase TV platform

Showcase TV broadcasts on the Sky TV platform on ch191 and is free to air. Sky has 12million subscribers in the UK

We are also streamed via

We are on air for 24 hours a month

We are moving to Monday evening prime time slot (repeated following Sundays) from June.

“Music industry to nearly double in value by the end of the decade’

Goldman Sachs

Opportunities for YOU to be a part of this exciting new venture:


We have 9 minutes of advertising space per hour for 2 hours each day we air (8 times per month), available in:

15s and 30s spots

15s = £150
30s = £250

We are able to allocate 72 minutes of advertising space per month.


Sponsorship is available per programme or series. By sponsoring a show your name/brand will appear on TV and also in our social media and PR.

Our current programmes:

Tom Seals Presents
Live From The Edge
Meet the Producers
LWTV: Backstage Pass


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